The Inspectorate shall be a structure, directly reporting to the Chairperson of the State e-Government Agency and shall carry out administrative control on the Agency activities. The activities of the Inspectorate shall aim at complete and precise clarification of all cases inspected and shall propose resolutions measures aiming at:

- Preventing and eliminating violations related to the administration activities and operations;

- Independent and objective evaluation of the administration activities and operations;

- Improving the work processes related to the administration.

The Inspectorate of SEGA shall perform complex, planned, themed, arbitrary and follow-up inspections on structures, activities and processes within the administration; it shall provide risk assessment and propose measures on limiting the impact of any risks identified; it shall collect and analyze information and carry out inspections on establishing violations, corruption practices and instances of inefficient work of the administration; it shall also supervise and monitor compliance with effective laws, regulations and intradepartmental acts regarding the organization of the work flow of the administration officers; it shall be entitled to propose disciplinary proceeding in the event of violations of duties established, as well a of the Code of Conduct of the State Administration Officers. The Inspectorate shall carry out inspections in relation to signals about illicit or improper actions or inactions of the administration officers; it shall carry out control and inspections pursuant to the Law on Prevention and Establishing Conflict of Interests; it shall draw up acts related to administrative and other violations established on part of the administrative officers; the Inspectorate shall send signals to the Prosecutor’s Office authorities should evidence be found of offenses committed; it shall propose new or changes to the existing internal regulatory documents and acts, regulating the work flow organization and the activities of the administration.

The Inspectorate shall perform other functions related to the control on the administration, required pursuant to existing regulatory acts or control activities assigned by the Chairperson of the Agency.